alicia + tyler


oh, hi!

I'm Kati - 

I'm a Wisconsin based engagement + wedding photographer with HUGE dreams. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with tacos, puppies, stationery stores, pineapples, and EVERYTHING Magnolia!

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I have known Alicia for 27 years - after all, she is my cousin! When she asked if I would take her and Tyler's engagement photos, it was an enthusiastic, "OF COURSE!" Tyler's been hanging around with our family for a few years now and I'm happy to say he'll be stuck with the crazy Boldts forever come August 2019.


All week the weather was forecasted with perfect 80 degree sunshine but on the way to the session, the sky was starting to look pretty grey with a storm hovering right over our shooting location. Of course! But we lucked out and a few drops of rain gave way to sunshine for the rest of the evening. It is so clear how much Alicia loves her groom-to-be by the way her lights light up when she looks at him. A love like that can make this world a little brighter.


I'm so excited to share the love story of these two Cubs lovers with the world and can't wait to witness their 'I do's" next year.