So often there's one thing that industry creatives forget to do when it comes to their clients. They forget to tell them what they expect from them. As a photographer, I break down every little detail of how a session is going to go, when you can expect to hear from me, and how the whole process works but there are THREE very important things that I ask of each and every one of my clients. No matter if you paid for your session or if you won it in a giveaway. No matter how well I know you (but by now, I should know you pretty well), I want you to do these 3 things for me. 


I want you to share your images! This one sounds funny because, duh - why wouldn't you? Well it happens. You get your photos back and you love them dearly, you truly do! But for some reason you just haven't taken the time to download your favorites and share them on social media or print them and frame them in your home.

Sharing your images does 2 things:


It shows those around you that you are proud of the life you've built and the season that you're in right shows your children (or future children) just exactly what your life looked're giving them a family heirloom that they will treasure forever. 

Sharing your images also says that hey, we hired Kati of Bellart Photography + Design to document us right here, right now and we are so proud of the work she has created for us - the time and care she put into telling our story. It shows others just how important having their photo professionally taken really is.

oh, hi!

I'm Kati - 

I'm a Wisconsin based engagement + wedding photographer with HUGE dreams. If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with tacos, puppies, stationery stores, pineapples, and EVERYTHING Magnolia!

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Let me have my cake and eat it too. For real, though - not just cake but feed me! Let me sit at either a vendor table or have me hang out with your family and friends and share in your wedding meal. Chances are that for a full wedding day, I have been up since 6am or earlier and had a quick bite to eat in between loading up the car with my gear. I've been on my feet and on the go shooting your getting ready moments, first look, wedding party portraits, ceremony, and bride and groom portraits all day. Sure, I'll bring a granola bar or two, but could you imagine working an 8-10+ hour day and not having a lunch break?! Yeah, me either. Nobody wants photos of themselves shoving their faces anyway so let us sit and enjoy dinner - don't worry, I won't miss any toasts or speeches!


Never lose touch! The last thing I want is for you to walk away from your session or wedding day and never reach out again! Chances are that if you booked me, we kinda like each other and have exchanged a few texts so don't let the end of the shoot end our friendship! I want to know how married life is treating you - how your family is doing! As much as you have invested me, I have also invested fully in you.